NemoLogix was founded, as nemo|online, in 2006 with the goal of developing digital products, including website and application development services for the European Market.

Our team of experts includes professionals who are well-versed across the key areas of application development, including full stack development, online marketing technologies, and project management.

Some of our earliest projects included the creation of backend management software for internet media websites. We have since been providing integrated content management solutions, ad serving, and video streaming services for more than a decade.  Some of the largest news and entertainment sites in Greece have leveraged NemoLogix for their high-volume, high-bandwidth, secure  applications.

Our breadth of experience in web applications naturally transitioned to the growing market of mobile applications that leverage complex, cloud-based systems.

Today, NemoLogix is a leading mobile application and web software development company.. We understand that an application is just the window into the complex backend ecosystem and connectivity with the cloud-based technologies such as Amazon Web Services. Our team is uniquely qualified to develop applications to IoT-enable your device.

NemoLogix TODAY

NemoLogix has successfully developed an array of projects across Europe.

We have assembled a team of experts with specialities across the following disciplines:

  • Full Stack Development
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Services
  • Product Development
  • Creative Design
  • Content Production

We are located in a technology epicenter, Athens, Greece.  Our proximity to a wealth of skilled professionals across multiple disciplines has allowed NemoLogix to ensure that the right professionals are working on your project.  Whether it is a specialized developer, a 3D artist, or even language translation, we have access to the expertise.


Technology is evolving at an exponential rate.  With any new product comes the expectation of internet connectivity.  With any app or website, the expectation is high reliability, rapid response, data security, and an intuitive interface available across multiple platforms.

NemoLogix is well-positioned to deliver on the future. Our ability to develop not only applications, but the backend infrastructure to drive those applications and securely connect to the cloud, makes NemoLogix the perfect choice to make a product IoT-enabled.

NemoLogix brings years of experience developing complex application solutions which allow us to provide comprehensive services including:

  • Deep analysis and understanding of the projects goals.
  • Comprehensive design with regular checks to ensure that the product stays in line with the design
  • Extensive creativity and prototyping capabilities.
  • Vast knowledge of the backend systems that drive IoT, ensuring that data is secure, available, and accessible

Check the section WHY NEMOLOGIX for more.


We are driven by our passion for technology and innovation. We choose the best partners to ensure that your project is a success. Our collaborative, transparent, engagement with our partners and customers results in successful projects.


We have successfully deployed multiple, complex projects, giving us a comprehensive knowledge of what is needed to deliver. We know what needs to be done and where pitfalls may be, so that we deliver your application as conceived.
We are thorough and methodical in our approach. Our development process is transparent, allowing you to monitor progress and engage NemoLogix should changes in the original vision occur.
A successful application design always has the end result in mind. Our projects have a clear, well-defined path to completion. This streamlines the development and ensures that the finished product matches the original vision.
Application development requires creativity to design user experiences that are intuitive, simple, and in line with the latest technologies. Our team is always watching innovations with an eye to applying them to your application.