Why NemoLogix

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Modern App Development is no longer just about the App. 

A short guide to the app development challenges of our times



NemoLogix can work as an extension of your development team.

Partnering with NemoLogix is like adding an application development team to your organization.  We work closely with you throughout the process, bringing the right experts at the right time.  Our development process includes regular updates and reviews, ensuring transparency throughout the program. Many customers have told us that their NemoLogix developer was so well versed in the business that it felt like they were part of the company.

We are disciplined in our processes

NemoLogix understands that a successful integrated software development project requires a  comprehensive approach to every step of the product development lifecycle and a focus on achieving milestones. We work closely with our customers to define the criteria for success and key milestones, so we can regularly monitor progress.

We have broad development expertise

NemoLogix employs specialized professionals across the key areas of application development. From full stack developers, project managers, marketing experts, UX designers, art directors, and translators for most languages,  NemoLogix has the right resources to ensure your project’s success. Our team, from the program manager to the developer, are available throughout the projects, without the need to navigate a bureaucracy.



We deliver integrated solutions

NemoLogix is singularly focused on delivering comprehensive, end to end mobile applications, and we understand how to navigate the complexities of mobile device, cloud and web services development. The team at NemoLogix has a passion for new technologies. We are excited to test the boundaries of the Internet of Things and what it can accomplish for our customers’ products.  We bring that passion to every project.

We design for the future

Technology is constantly evolving.  At NemoLogix, we want to ensure that the technology we design can grow with your business. We are diligent in our architectural design and development, to ensure that your application can meet your current and future traffic. We create and maintain documentation throughout the development process and we design with an eye toward future upgrades, allowing us to support your application well into the future.

We are the application development experts

Founded in 2006, NemoLogix brings significant experience developing complex software across multiple industries and technologies.  Our broad experience across applications ensures a low-risk development project. Customers who work with NemoLogix gain confidence in our expertise from the beginning of the relationship.



Partners for each step the the development process

Whether it is a video app, consumer device that needs to be internet enabled, or a highly-regulated medical device that must have a connected app, NemoLogix has access to a partner ecosystem that delivers the right expertise at the right time.

Monitoring the ever-changing technology landscape

Our team’s passion with new technologies ensures NemoLogix stays on the cutting edge of innovative developments across markets and industries.  We are always evaluating new technologies and partnerships with an eye toward integrating them into our solutions. We employ a diligent quality assurance team to verify our solutions function as expected. We are experts at code reviewing, pair programming and designing, constant monitoring, as well as continuous improvement.

Collaboration drives our success

We believe that the spirit of cooperation is essential for a good working atmosphere in order for every innovative and creative idea to grow. We bring that spirit to all of our partner and customer engagements. At NemoLogix, we have created teams consisting of experts in the disciplines needed based on the individual project requirements.

We are your

We are not just on the same team – we are one team. We will operate as if we have been always an integral part of your organization  and will readily deliver results according to the specifications and deadlines you set for your project.

Your success
is our goal

Your project is just the beginning of our relationship. We are not only interested in achieving your short term results. We care to build a prospective relationship
together, which will help you achieve long lasting success.

Providing for
all your needs

Feel like your project is complex or demanding?  Our team is constantly researching for the latest innovations and technologies. Optimum solutions and quality assurance is not a bonus – it’s what we love doing.


NemoLogix brings more than a decade of development expertise across projects that are diverse in industry, scale, and complexity.