NemoLogix creates mobile applications of any complexity and size, leveraging different technology platforms for the develepment of aps for Android, iPhone and WindowsPhone.  No matter how complex your application requirements are, our team of experts have the knowledge and skill to take your idea and transform it into a mobile reality.  We build mobile applications that are intuitive, secure, and user friendly, providing easy access to secure information anywhere, anytime, on the most popular devices.  Our applications make transitioning from one platform to another easy for users. We design with a focus not only on usability, but efficient data processing.


More and more companies are preparing to take advantage of the agility, flexibility, and financial impacts that can be realized with the cloud. Our team brings expertise developing solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and other cloud platforms. Our mobile and web applications, in combination with deployment across the cloud, improve the effectiveness and reliability of the overall applications, and position your device or technology for the Internet of Things (IoT).

UI/UX Design

For every new project we always begin taking time brainstorming the product concepts with you to make sure we fully understand them, enabling the creation of the first wireframes. Upon conclusion recording the structure of the project and the screen contents for every user, we will develop a full functional mock-up for the whole application, in or any other service you will choose. Using a functional mock-up will provide our clients with a full user experience of their apps, reassuring that all necessary functions have been foreseen and will be developed. Since the outlook and the desired UX have been specified, we begin the design and development of all modular and reusable graphic elements, which will enable the implementation of the first MVP version of the application. From this point on and as we move through the next production phases of the application, we will include a series of use-case analysis tools such as scroll/click heatmaps, A/B tests, depending on your needs, in order to create procedures collecting feedback from multiple sources. According to our experience this can contribute in discovering new operating elements of the application for us to focus on, in order to evolve the user experience, we provide the final customer.


The growth of Mobile Applications has driven increased expectations in the level of interactivity and usability of complimentary websites. NemoLogix takes advantage of the latest technical innovations combined with diligent design and engineering to create a web development services solution that meets or exceeds expectations. Our web applications are built with the same attention to security, interactivity, and access to data that our mobile applications deliver. Our team’s user interface and user experience design follows industry standards and best practices.


NemoLogix can work with you to understand your needs around developing a technology to either Internet enable a device or connect to the IoT ecosystem. Our projects could range from developing an app that sends notifications to your smartwatch up to developing an exploratory drone backend for collecting and processing images .We can help with the design, development, and deployment of an IoT application, either internally, or externally.

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