The Project is a digital video management platform with up to date tools and functions for integrated managing, transmitting and archiving digital video content. With a range of features ranging from multilevel parameterization and manifold interconnectivity capabilities to monetization of content with use of its own embedded HTML 5 video player, is the ideal solution for all contemporary publishers and content providers in the digital ecosystem.

An integrated digital video management platform that offers highly customizable management and monetization capabilities for all content publishers and providers.
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Mobile Technology Supported: Web application

Web version of the App: Yes

Cloud Service used: Private Cloud, Content Delivery through the AKAMAI CDN service

Supported Bandwidth Requirements: 100 TB

Supported concurrent User Requirements: 200.000

The Development

Video content dominance allows for only one development strategy: interconnect and predict for future expansions

Video is at the moment the king of digital content. But this was not the case when we decided to build back in 2009 – although we could already sense the trend back then. So, in developing a video management platform, our development team had to adopt a strategy that allowed for future expansions (in terms of video formats, quality etc.) and maximum interconnectivity capabilities (with software platforms, web services, APIs etc.). These features are deeply rooted in the heart of the platform and along with the video content management and archiving capabilities, form the backbone of the platform. A second trend we sensed would heavily feature in digital platforms and was embedded as a fundamental tool in, was the thorough statistical analysis and reporting of the transmitted video content.

Embedded Benefits

With publishers and content providers start to benefit from day one due to its carefully designed and implemented benefits.

  • No Hardware Setup constraints: can be installed in any set of servers and with adequate storage.
  • Limitless Parameterization: the functions, tools and parameters of can be tailored to the needs of any customer and in different levels of platform asset management (users, file data, transcoding options etc.)
  • Boundless Interconnectivity: can be readily interconnected with other systems through XML, web services, APIs, etc. with all CMS supporting websites, web TV, mobile apps and Smart TV apps. In addition, with the use of multiple transcoding formats, it supports video content transmission across devices.
  • Embedded video player: comes with a fully functional video player which can be customized to the needs of any installation, while it can also interconnect with all established video players available in the market.
  • Video monetization: offers multiple capabilities for video content monetization.

Video Content Tools

Managing video content is tricky job but somebody’s got to do it. So, for the heroes who are responsible for this job, we designed and implemented a series of tools and features to make their life easier and more productive.

  • Classification, archiving and search capabilities for video content: Users of enjoy complete autonomy in designing metadata categories for each video file, while uploading and filling in of metadata can be asynchronous. In addition, interconnectivity of video file metadata with software containing documentation of video files is included. It is evident that advanced search capabilities on the basis of various metadata categories are embedded in the platform.
  • Multiple access levels:com administrators can implement multiple levels of access, which is an ideal solution for managing sensitive or copyright protected content across different users and locations. In addition, administrator access can be parameterized in advance, depending on the needs and specification of each customer.

Automated Transcoding

Each video file uploaded is automatically queued to be converted in the selected (by the administrator) format in order to manage its size or to ensure its transmission across different devices and platforms.

  • Supported formats: com supports transcoding in more than 20 different formats (mp4, webm, mov, etc.) and across qualities (4K, 1080p, 720p, 360p).
  • HLS support: com supports transcoding in HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) format for unobstructed transmission across devices depending on data download speed.

Video Content Analytics offers video content analytics for multiple levels of user engagement: in individual video level, in video category level and for the bulk of the content. Analytics reports generated include data for:

  • Hourly and daily video content consumption
  • Estimations and scheduling for video content delivery
  • Viewing and related data per device of video delivery
  • Data analysis per operating system and/or app that video content was delivered


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