The Project

At first sight, is a typical online crowdfunding service. We assure you, it is not. For is based on nemologix’s powerful, fully customizable Donation Management Platform (DMP). And by “fully customizable” we mean exactly that. Our DMP is simple, ready to use and requires no programming, while each organization using the platform receives its own unique domain and URL. In other words, charity organizations reap the benefits of a fully automated crowdfunding service, which can be tailored to their specific needs, with minimum programming, development and support costs. So the time and expenses consumed for these operations can be released and used to the actual charity causes.

The only 100% personalized online crowdfunding service for charity organizations and causes.
Project info
The "Together for Children" Association
Backend Solution Web and App Development
Backend, App, Website, Design
Project url

Mobile Technology Supported: Android native app, iOs native app, Web application

Web version of the App: Yes

Cloud Service used: Private Cloud provided by NemoLogix, Content Delivery through the AKAMAI Cloud & CDN service

Supported Bandwidth Requirements: 50 TB / month

Supported concurrent User Requirements: 100.000

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The Development

All charities are not created equal but they are equally important for those in need. So we decided to infuse maximum flexibility in all aspects of development work.

Online charities are complex and diverse entities. First, they interest individuals, groups and organizations alike. Some are urgent (e.g. economic relief of victims of natural disaster), others set specific goals (e.g. charities with strict deadlines) and some are ongoing, lasting for months or even years. So, after being briefed, our development team set one target before getting down to work: flexibility above all else.

Or, as we came to name it: “Flex works best!”

User trust through elegance

In an online world where frauds are everyday news, a charity crowdfunding service has to gain and sustain the trust of its users and of the broader public. So when we started to design we dedicated a lot of effort to create an elegant user interface based on the principles of functionality and friendly design. Our goal: to make each user feel she is in complete control of all actions and functions – and in user interaction terms control means trust. That’s how we did it.

  • Homepage = Control page: One aspect of control is simplicity and there’s nothing simpler than having all relevant information gathered in one place.’s homepage is the charities and causes control centre for each user/donor. All ongoing and completed charities are readily accessible to anyone at any time. Moreover, the use of a responsive layout design ensures compatibility with all devices and monitors.
  • Minimal Interactions: When help is needed, it better be delivered fast – there is no need for complex interactions. So, for each cause hosted in, there’s only one page where all relevant information are grouped and presented along with donation choices.
  • Contributions History: Having solid proof of a donation is imperative to secure credibility both for the cause/charity and for the platform. For this reason, we give to each user/donor access to the full history of his contributions. At the same time, the automated billing and receipt issuing procedures are simple and flexible.


Attention to detail

The beneficiaries of and also its backbone are the organizations and charities using the platform. It is only natural to take extra care to meet their needs and demands to ensure that use of the platform is facilitating their honorable efforts. Once again it is matter of earning their trust through design and development. Bring it on!

  • Simple Donation Management:’s back end Donation Management Platform provides relevant organizations with all powerful tools needed to make fundraising a success. Uploading logos, pictures and relevant information to the organization and/or the specific cause requires minimum effort from administrators due to the carefully designed user interface.
  • Unparalleled CRM Support: Using the embedded CRM tools offered, administrators not only have access to all donors’ information but can also apply these tools to individual campaigns and causes. This way donors can be contacted separately for each cause or in larger groups of interest. Moreover, after a preset goal is met, customized messages can be sent to users to thank them individually for their contribution. Rewards to important donors can also be set up and offered.
  • Social Media Integration: Connectivity to all major Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) is provided to secure optimum communication and shareability for each cause.


Keeping track

Different data streams converge when a fundraising campaign initiates. User information and visitor data, actual economic data, messages, questions, etc. An organization not only wants to have a clear picture of all relevant real time information related to the success of their campaign, but also want to use them for future causes. contains embedded management and analytics tools which make sophisticated analysis of all data possible.’s donation management software provides organizations with custom tools:

  • To create and manage multiple charity campaigns simultaneously while keeping track of user traffic to the last click and of every donation to the penny, by donor or fundraising campaign.
  • To obtain real time reporting for funds allocated per campaign and/or cause.
  • To set up custom offerings and/or set donation goals. This way their members can decide exactly where to allocate their donations.
  • To support multiple payment options (credit, PayPal, bank deposit etc.)
  • To enjoy fully automated billing and invoicing services