The Project

Ilovetv is fully functional web based Stream Video On Demand (SVOD) service whose goal is to provide TV-Series fans and online video viewers with a simple, personalized and fully automated online viewing experience. Accordingly, its multi-functional user interface is dominated by customized tools and services, designed to cultivate and sustain these features. The same level of functionality is maintained also for the administrators, content owners and publishers, as ilovetv integrates all necessary software and tools for managing, distributing and monetizing their digital video content, from HQ Video Streaming and Automated Billing to Customer Support Services and Big Data Reporting, Frontend to Backend. Upon launching, ilovetv hosted 34 TV Shows with more than 2,500 episodes in total.

Stream on demand and enjoy your favorite TV-Shows as well as brand new TV series and movies, based on your personal preferences.  Stream on demand and enjoy your favorite TV-Shows as well as brand new TV series and movies, based on your personal preferences.
Project info
Attica Media
Mobile App, Publishing, SVOD
App, Design, Publishing
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Mobile Technology Supported: Native Android App for Tablets, Native  App for Android TV devices, Web application

Web version of the App: Yes

Cloud Service used: Private Cloud owned by the client for security reasons, Content Delivery through the AKAMAI CDN Secure HD service

Supported Bandwidth Requirements: 10 PB

Supported concurrent User Requirements: 200.000

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The Development

There was only one word in our development team’s mind when ilovetv’s platform was constructed: FUM! FUM stands for the main features we wanted to endorse to ilovetv: Functionality, Usability, Mobility.

Allow us to elaborate…

The functionality of ilovetv is ensured by the development of a backend web-based software platform named ICE©. ICE© is an integrated content management software platform for multiple departments and users in multiple locations.

Through ICE© a large number of critical operations is programmed and implemented:

  • Complete Video and Content Management: an SVOD service is structured around the video and related content streamed (video files, subtitle files, images and screenshots, etc.). ICE© features a simple menu for the uploading of video and corresponding subtitles, the uploading and management of posters and banners, the management of HTML and static pages, etc.
  • User Accounts and Services Management: a database with the personal profiles of users (status, info, history and user statistics) is constantly sustained. ICE© offers multi-criteria search capabilities for analysis and personalized decisions/actions such as extension of demo period, delivery of personal messages to individual members, etc.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): through ICE©, automated messages and newsletters can be generated and sent to the user database (CRM programmes) based on different levels of engagement with the service.

All elements of contemporary look and feel UX design have been exploited for the development of ilovetv to ensure smooth, trouble-free browsing and immediate responsiveness.

In general ilovetv meets the specifications of a successful web-based service:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Accessibility from all well know browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari)
  • Design coding includes drop-down menus, buttons, transitions, contact forms etc
  • Full website navigation with search functionality
  • On screen messages based on user actions
  • Easy to use and familiar design

In the era of mobile devices video rules and it is evident that for a digital video streaming service, mobile app development is the top priority.

Ilovetv targeted the mobile app ecosystem from two sides:

  1. First, a native Android app was developed. The application was designed to deliver the content ilovetv’s content to tablets and Android TV devices. At the time the app was launched, ilovetv was the biggest SVOD service in Greece.
  2. ilovetv, with its growing number of members and a demand from potential customers to deliver its content in TV devices, devised a strategy to optimally deliver its content to specific Android TV model. So, a totally customized version of the App, optimized for the above devices was designed to meet the above demands.

The Extra Mile

What separates good work from exceptional work in a project is the desire to walk that extra mile, to include beforehand functions and features that will prove powerful tools in the hands of the administrators, either for decision making or for fast and trouble-free operation of the platform.

With ilovetv we walked this extra mile, to provide to our customers a state of the art backend operations platform. Some of the most important important features included were the Analytics and Reporting tool, the Advanced Customization capabilities and the easy-to-use Video Content Management Tool.

An SVOD service generates a flooding amount of data related to all functions and activities, from browsing data and visitor flows, to viewing preferences and subscription and revenue data. These data, if properly analyzed, are a decision making source of unparalleled accuracy.

So, within ilovetv, we developed a powerful data analytics tool to provide administrators with elegant and accurate reports on all operations and functions.

On a daily basis administrators and stakeholders have access to:

  • Data and statistical analysis of all platform operations, ranging from the activity of users, active and inactive members, buys and revenues, viewing data, popularity of content etc.
  • More than ten individual types of reports for quantifying the above measurements
  • Advanced reporting capabilities, such as report generation for any desired time range, per content category or individual shows and movies, scheduled delivery via e-mail for selected reports etc.

Every viewer is unique and we mean that not only in the analytics sense of the word!

For our customer the personalized experience of the platform for every individual member was a key feature. So we provided exactly that.

ilovetv is equipped with an algorithm that provides automated suggestions and notifications to each individual user depending on his background information, viewing history and preferences, browsing history and habits. These information, tightly intertwined with the carefully designed front end user interface and CRM capabilities, delivered a totally personalized experience to every member of the platform.

You shall respect the administrator as much as the customer – that is our design and development mantra for all projects.

A front end jewel is of no value if supported by a back end nightmare. So we designed the back end platform to provide administrators and moderators with the friendliest and easiest to use environment. The design was based on the following demands:

  • Quick data entry and uploading. This function extends to all the information related to individual movies, episodes, seasons and series in total.
  • Automated matching of video content with its relevant information. This functions could be performed in parallel, i.e. while the video content was being uploaded.
  • Predesigned workflows for video content dissemination. With this function new series or episodes could be made available to users in shorter time frames or in administrator predefined date and time.


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