The future of TV Broadcasting just arrived!

Attica Publications Group and Victory Media, two of the most established companies in the Media and Copyrights sectors, introduce to Greece the future of TV Broadcasting, with the technological support of nemologix! is an innovative service, unique in Greece, that paves the way to the future of online entertainment. For the first time the Greek viewers take control of the TV program and decide by themselves the content they wish to watch and the time to do so, without commercial breaks. TV viewers shape their own TV schedule with their favorite shows, which they can watch whenever and wherever they please! And all the above are achieved with a fast and simple procedure

Viewers can instantly familiarize themselves with, since Attica Publications and Victory Media offer a Free Trial Period to everyone. Simply by signing up to, they gain access to all of the TV content provided. After their successful sign up they can enjoy for free and for one week, up to 5 hours of free viewing of any episode included in the 36 shows currently available (more than 2.500 episodes). Among the feature shows are: Magic City, White Queen, Borgias, Spartacus and Grand Hotel. With viewers can enjoy their favorite TV shows in all devices (traditional TV, desktop PC, tablet and mobile devices) and at any time of day.

Innovations are also introduced and in subscription methods. The traditional subscription with a specific contract duration is changed and substituted by monthly prepaid card! The monthly prepaid subscription to costs only 9.99€ and can be bought online with credit or debit card.

No contract signing required and no other obligations!



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