Nemologix on board the EU funded ARSx2 Project

Nemologix is delighted to officially announce its participation in the E.U. funded project ARSx2 (AeRial System and Anti piRacy System).
The ARSx2 project has a duration of two years and aims at developing a state of the art surveillance system for marine monitoring, with use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The overall objective of ARSx2 is the safeguarding of marine commerce routes and the prevention of piracy attempts against commercial ships.

To achieve these goals, ARSx2 will develop two different types of UASs. The first type will be equipped with sensors and monitoring instruments, as well as an embedded processing system. Its purpose is to monitor, record and process data that will help recognize and assess any threat to commercial ships, from unknown vessels in the marine area under surveillance. The second type of UAS will be a small, flexible and easy to use aircraft (even from non-trained operators) that will be deployed in the event of an ongoing piracy attempt. It will be following the potentially occupied ship from a suitable distance and height and will be transmitting S.O.S. signals and vital information for the condition of the ship, the crew and the cargo in the predefined emergency

Nemologix, as a key application development partner in this project, is responsible for the customization of both drone exploration onboard and the back end software. And finaly NemoLogix will develope the final mobile app that will be used to collect the data coming from the Drone and work on optimizing these data in terms of cloud storage storage.

Our esteemed partners in the ARSx2 (AeRial System and Anti piRacy System) project are:
– AS Prote Maritime LTD
– Marine Remote Sensing Group, Department of Marine Sciences, University of Aegean
– Ucandrone IKE
– Β.Ι.ΜΑ. Α.Ε.
– AV Aetheria LTD

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