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BUADSARADIO‘s goal is to revolutionize radio advertising for all businesses and professionals. With BUYADSRADIO.COM’s web based programmatic advertising platform, all businesses gain online access to radio advertising airtime of local, county and nationwide radio stations. Businesses simply have to sign up for free in the service and connect with with all associated Radio Stations. Then, by simply choosing their preferred radio stations and spot placements, their ads are aired on radio! Associated radio stations also enjoy the benefits of a state of the art online platform with the use of customized tools. Thus, for radio stations, BUYADSRADIO.COM is more than a useful scheduling tool – it is a powerful platform connecting them with a pool of advertising revenues they never had access before.

Advertise on radio whenever, wherever and as long as you choose while having complete online control over your campaign.
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In house
Programmatic Advertising
Advertising, Programmatic, Radio
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Mobile Technology Supported: Web application

Web version of the App: Yes

Cloud Service used: Private Cloud owned by NemoLogix

Supported Bandwidth Requirements: 50 TB

Supported concurrent User Requirements: 100.000

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