The Project

BUADSARADIO‘s goal is to revolutionize radio advertising for all businesses and professionals. With BUYADSRADIO.COM’s web based programmatic advertising platform, all businesses gain online access to radio advertising airtime of local, county and nationwide radio stations. Businesses simply have to sign up for free in the service and connect with with all associated Radio Stations. Then, by simply choosing their preferred radio stations and spot placements, their ads are aired on radio! Associated radio stations also enjoy the benefits of a state of the art online platform with the use of customized tools. Thus, for radio stations, BUYADSRADIO.COM is more than a useful scheduling tool – it is a powerful platform connecting them with a pool of advertising revenues they never had access before.

Advertise on radio whenever, wherever and as long as you choose while having complete online control over your campaign.
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Programmatic Advertising
Advertising, Programmatic, Radio
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Mobile Technology Supported: Web application

Web version of the App: Yes

Cloud Service used: Private Cloud owned by NemoLogix

Supported Bandwidth Requirements: 50 TB

Supported concurrent User Requirements: 100.000

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The Development

Simplicity in all aspects: Platform and UX Design, Sign up, Scheduling and Billing Procedures. For advertisers and radio stations alike.

So, another programmatic advertising platform, right? NO! BUYADSRADIO.COM is not just any programmatic advertising platform! Standing on the borderline of contemporary and traditional advertising, our development team had to bridge a huge gap. On one side lies a well-established medium, with severe difficulties in scheduling and measuring campaign effectiveness and impact and, on the other, a tool that has conquered the digital advertising world.

There was only one way to do it: Improvise and keep it simple.

And so we did.

With BUYADSRADIO.COM we built two interconnecting user platforms – one for advertisers and one for radio stations. Both use a modification of our powerful backend web-based software platform, ICE©, which was enhanced in each case with customized tools. Through ICE© the following critical operations are programmed and implemented:

  • Complete Radio Ads Management: ICE© was designed to store campaign data from advertisers, produce advertising schedules and notify each station for its daily ad delivery goals. In addition, administrators can inspect uploaded radio spots according to specific criteria such as audio quality, ad duration, appropriateness etc.
  • User Accounts and Services Management: two distinct databases with the personal profiles of users (status, info, history, user statistics) and radio stations (name, broadcast area, advertising capacity) is constantly sustained. In addition, administrators can modify price schedules according to radio stations demands.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): through ICE©, automated messages and newsletters can be generated and sent to the user database (CRM programmes). Especially for radio stations, an automated message delivery system was built to notify them for important imminent actions such as the booking or modification of an advertising schedule, invoicing procedures etc.

Potential users of BUYADSRADIO.COM could be anywhere between 18 and 80 years old, from digital advertising experts to digitally illiterate users.

So, how does one build a programmatic service with minimal complexity but highly functional at the same time? Deep in the shadows of our meeting room, in the late hours of troubled nights, we immerged victorious with the answer…

One page to rule them all.

The user interface for both radio and advertiser platforms would be a single page – a center for all fundamental functions: uploading and managing campaigns, looking at delivery statistics of ongoing campaigns, billing etc. Coupled with this, it was decided to provide as low depth as possible to the platform – all fundamental actions should be completed within the scope of three steps/webpages.

Of course, as with all our web based services, BUYADSRADIO.COM meets the criteria of all successful services:

  • Accessibility from all well know browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari)
  • Design coding includes drop-down menus, buttons, transitions, contact forms etc.
  • On screen messages based on user actions
  • Verified safety in all economic transactions

BUYADSRADIO.COM, makes radio advertising accessible to everyone – all businesses and professionals. So naturally it attracts first-timers, i.e. advertisers who have never advertised on radio. Moreover, it is the ideal platform for agencies representing multiple clients to monitor and manage their radio advertising campaigns. Our development strategy, naturally, expanded in order to provide customized services to these important customer groups.

  1. Radio Ad Creation Services: For first-timers a serious obstacle to radio advertising is the creation of an engaging radio ad. To address this problem we created a stand-alone service to connect radio ad producers to COM advertisers. In addition we expanded our CRM services to notify ad producers for customer requests.
  2. Certified Partner Program: For agencies and advertising professionals we developed the COM Certified Partner Program. In this stand-alone service our prospective partners can sign up to the program and manage their clients’ radio advertising campaign plans, while enjoying special privileges. We also sustain a data base of Certified Partners and our CRM services have expanded to connect them with potential customers.

Simpler than simple

It’s hard to remain simple. It’s even harder to design simple services and tools. From this standpoint BUYADSRADIO is a triumph and we take pride in its most simple and easy to use features.

So allow us to boast about them.

It only takes 4 steps and less than 10 minutes for any user to create his first campaign. We call this the 4 step approach to success.

  • Sign up on Filling in the form and verifying your sign up takes less than 2 minutes of your time.
  • Upload your radio ad: Having a digital audio file of your ad, it only takes 1 minute to upload it on your profile.
  • Select Radio Stations & Time Slots: This step might take you a little longer, but let’s suppose that, for the first time, you want to test your ad in a relatively small number of stations. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete your selection.
  • Complete your media order: Like buying a pair of shoes or a book online, you have completed your billing preferences in 2 minutes time.

But, why bother looking in a list of tens of radio stations when you can enjoy the benefits of radio advertising in half the time and no sweat?

Our marketing and development teams have created Ready-Made Advertising Packages to satisfy the advertising needs for every business!

You can buy Ready-Made Advertising Packages for:

  • Local, County or Nationwide broadcast
  • Specific Audiences: Youth, Middle Age, Millennials etc.
  • Specific Types of Radio Stations: Music stations, News and Sports Stations etc.
  • Specific Campaign Duration: 24 hours, weekends, weekdays, monthly packages etc.

Life unpredictable and so is your radio advertising campaign. Maybe your radio ad is not producing the desired results and you want to pause your campaign. Or maybe, a change of strategy requires a cancellation of your schedule.

No need to worry! Your advertising budget is safe and ready to use again whenever you choose.

Our development team embedded “My Wallet” tool in BUYADSRADIO to provide you with safety and versatility. With My Wallet you can:

  • Reclaim the advertising budget of a cancelled campaign and redistribute to other ongoing or future campaigns
  • Store advertising budget for future use even though you don’t have any ongoing campaigns at the moment
  • Save even more time by avoiding billing procedures every time you book a campaign – just follow it once by transferring advertising budget to “My Wallet”


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